Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This is no glass menagerie

For those of you who have not been to our house, Deb and I share our space (actually, they share with us because we feed them) with 5 animals. 2 cats and 3 dogs.

Indigo is a mostly black border collie mix whose passions in life include: loving pretty much every human being that she meets, hunting squirrels, getting petted, hunting rabbits, snuggling up to humans as close as she can, hunting possums, sleeping with children who visit, hunting mice, loving pretty much every human being that she meets, laying in mud puddles, jumping up on everyone she meets to say "hi", hunting humans with free hands to pet her, bringing dead animls in through the doggy door so that she can share them with her mamas, and being the referee when the other two dogs are playing.

Pippin is an extremely shy border collie/lab mix. Her hair is silky soft and her interests include: Sleeping with mom Aimee, hunting squirrels, sleeping with mama Deb, pretending to hunt for rabbits, licking moms' feet, spying on strangers so that they can't see her, but she can see them, licking moms' faces, hiding from visiters (including the troll in the basement), herding moms and sisters whenever the opportunity presents itself, barking at people outside as long as they are on the other side of the fence and playing with her sisters when they will let her.

When Pippin was very small just off the farm, she walked right up to the giant schnauzer we had at the time and decided that Ashee was a sheep that needed to be herded to somewhere other than where she was. Ashee wanted none of that.

Little Bit is the matriarch of the pack. She has been the undisputed Alpha since Ashee died. Little Bit's interests are: lying under the massage table to eat up stray strands of energy during Reiki treatments, chewing on her blanky (or moms'), hunting, eating, lying under the dinner table to make sure she gets first pick of any dropped crumbs, helping mom cook by staying right under her feet while she works just in case a food spill needs immediate attention, chasing the cats, wrestling with Pippin, snuggling with moms when no one else is around to steal the attention. Little Bit is a blond scruffy terrior mix with.....Purple Polkadots?!....must be mulberry season in Michigan.

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