Sunday, July 15, 2007

7 Minutes of Fame

I just got done having coffee with my dad as he passed through town on his way to my sister's house. I didn't make it up to Blissfest this weekend to see him because there were thunderstorms and I didn't feel like sitting in the rain and being a lightning rod.

Pop told me that he had his 7 minutes of fame on the main stage this morning. Not even during the thunderstorms and I missed it. Maybe next year. He mentioned that he would like to camp there sometime instead of staying at the cabin and walking to the site. I think it would be fun for he and Deb and I to take our camper up there for the weekend of the festival some year soon.

Pop's voice is in the same range and of the same type as Johnny Cash. Pop's politics parallel Cash's liberal, inclusive views, so I gave Pop a Johnny Cash songbook for a belated Fathers' Day gift. I hope that the next time I hear him play, that he has some of this radical cowboy flair to his show.

If you are interested in knowing more about Blissfest, a home-grown Michigan Music festival, check out the link to the right, where my list of links is.

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