Thursday, July 12, 2007

Scardy Hat

I got this really cool new hat today. It is black leather with a wide brim. As soon as it arrived, I, of course, put it on my head and proceeded to feed the dogs. Pippin is very skittish of anything new or different including people, and any new object that finds itself into our house, until she gets used to it and can see it as part of the proper order of things. Some of our visitors don't even believe us when we say that we have 3 dogs, not 2. Anyway, I put on this hat and filled their bowls and Pippin wouldn't give me my usual lick on the face as a thank you. Then, she backed away and wouldn't eat until me and my hat left her sight. Any ideas on how to deal with a dog like that besides love her? (She is very lovable and affectionate to Deb and I, but she still hasn't warmed up to Ryan who has lived as the troll in our basement for a month or more!) I am including a picture of her as a puppy. I have to retrieve a more recent one from my camera.


  1. A black leather hat with a wide brim? Sounds familiar... :-)

  2. Yep, it reminds me a lot of one I stole for an evening in New Orleans. Mine is not as pliable or as soft, but it is close in terms of shape:) I hope the owner of the New Zealand hat is happy and staying cool on the streets of New Orleans!!

  3. Maybe if she got to chew on it for a while ...?

    Great to see your blog, Aimee. This way you should have lots of company on your journey!

  4. Yeah, and I don't have to answer as many questions via e-mail, or when I see people, like in church this morning. Those who read my blog didn't ask me about my health, we could talk about other things instead. Those who hadn't read it yet, each asked me similar questions.

    I don't mind answering. I'm grateful that people care enough to want to know. I just get tired of repeating the same things over and over sometimes.