Wednesday, July 11, 2007

First Tatoo

For about 20 years, I have wanted to get a tattoo. Being a professional and amateur procrastinator, of course I have never gotten it done. I always wanted to place my tattoo where I could see it, but cover it as needed and show it the rest of the time.

I thought about the ankle--too painful.
The shoulder--I can't enjoy it except in a mirror.
The breast--what about sagging with age?

So, for 20 years I have debated the location and design of my tattoo.

Today, however, I got not just one, but 3 tattoos. The location was decided for me by a CAT scan machine, a doctor and two technicians. Three small black dots mark the alignment for my radiation treatments which will begin next week. The tats didn't really even hurt. Hmm, where shall I get the next one?


  1. Cool tattoo! - I have never blogged before and this is such a neet experience! Thanks for starting this. What a great way to keep in touch. I would like to start my own blog, maybe you could help.


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  3. Howdy Skeet,

    It was really easy. I got the idea from the troll who lives in my basement (Ryan). I guess there are several blog sites that you can sign up with. I picked blogspot because another friend suggested it. Just google blogspot and it will walk you through setting up your blog. I still don't understand a few of the things it asks about, but for the most part it's in plain English. I would love to read your blog when you get it running.


  4. I'm sorry if my comment posted several times. I couldn't tell if it posted. Did it? If not, I need to tell you about my tattoo idea.