Sunday, July 15, 2007

Late June-The first gyn oncologist (adaptations from e-mails)

As far as they have done any staging at all, I am still in stage 1 cervical cancer, which is early and highly treatable. The one and only gyn oncologist here in this city said that I am too heavy for a hysterectamy and will only consider radiation as treatment for me. Radiation would probably make sex painful for the rest of my life, but a hysterectamy poses risks for bowel or bladder perforation or worse. It's a tough decision. I am getting a second opinion at U of M on July 9 to see what they have to say.

The one and only gyn oncologist in the city is a homophobic pig and I am not willing to let him touch me again. He was very unprofessional, but because I was desperate for answers and he is the only one here, I had to put up with his 30-40 minute tirade on how the liberals and the blacks are ruining this country. He (who works in a hospital committed to serve all, regardless of ability to pay) ranted on and on about how single women on disability "have no right to be pregnant again."
In his very first statement, after I introduced myself and Deb, my partner, he began going on and on about how Deb and I should not have the "special right" of getting married because there is alternate legal paperwork that we can do to safeguard our rights to see one another in the hospital and to safeguard our joint property. Even though he excercised his right to those things simply by signing one paper and saying "I do".

Hmmm, nope, don't think I'll let him touch me again. I don't trust him. And, because of his verbal aggression and prejudice against lesbians, I don't trust his medical judgment as far as my body goes. I long ago quit being political about gay rights, but when something like this happens, it makes me angry all over again. I want to be done with that fight. But obviously that fight is not done with me.

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