Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another Freaking Step on the Journey

I got my second radiation treatment and saw the chemotherapy doctor yesterday. My skin felt a little hot for a few hours after the treatment, like a mild sunburn, but not for long.

I will get my first chemo treatment probably Tuesday. That morning, I will have to go to the hospital to get a pic line put in. That kind of freaks me out because I won't be able to swim, or even shower for 6 weeks or so. I'll have to take spit baths. I won't lose my hair because cisplatin, the drug I'll be getting, doesn't cause hair loss. I think that is the only drug they will be giving me. The doctor didn't want to put a port in because it will only be for 6 weeks. He said that a pic line is less invasive. (Deb explained both procedures to me and both sound invasive to me, and scary.)

Evidently, the chemo and radiation were supposed to start at the same time but the report from U of M never got to the chemo guy and the radiation doctor never bothered calling him even though he knew I was supposed to get chemo as well. So much for coordination of care. One more reason to freak out.

I'm still having trouble sleeping. I'm freaking out more about the cancer treatments than about the cancer itself.


  1. {{{{Aimee}}}}!! You are definitely a part of my heart!! Have you ever heard of Dr. Lorraine Day? I had her videos, but I gave them to the church book/video sale last year. One of them is entitled: 'Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore'. She's an M.D. that had cancer, and she didn't like the cancer treatments, so she went alternative and got rid of it. I had three of her videos, but I can't remember the names of the other two. You may want to check her out. There are alternative treatments, even other than hers, that aren't so hard on your body. And they work. You are LOVE, and perfect love casts out fear. Perfect means complete, unconditional love, which you are, so do not allow fear to exist in you. Cast it out! Have faith to believe. Faith is believing Before you see it. Faith works by Love, and You are LOVE!!!! And you are surrounded by Love. Hope to see you soon! I'm on MySpace as: Peace of my heart. My email addy is: LOVE & PEACE FOREVER!!!! Faith & Hugs!!! Freda

  2. Howdy Frieda,

    Thank you so much. You know that you are awesome?!!!

    Deb would be very upset with me if I didn't at least give allopathic medicine a chance. We are both having difficulty with this diagnosis. Combined with her immune disorder, our household is in a delicate balance right now.

    I am doing some alternative stuff. I am taking DIM, an herbal supplement. I am also getting reiki treatments on a regular basis and I am on several prayer lists. I figure with all that energy, plus the energy of the chemo and radiation, cancer doesn't have much of a chance to survive in my body.

    Thank you so much for your love and support. You have such a beautiful soul, you make me smile.

    I'm going to edit out your e-mail address and myspace info so that it is not posted for everyone. If you want it posted, add another comment including that information again and I'll keep it on.


  3. Hi Aimee,
    You're on quite an adventure! I just wanted you to know that I'm praying for you, and I think about you often. I also have a suggestion for you about showering with the PICC line. You can cover it with plastic and tape it all around if you want to shower. That's what we do at the hospital. It works well, and you feel much better afterward. Deb can tape it up for you.
    I've never looked at a blog before, so it's a new experience for me. I'm trying to adjust to working full time, and it's sometimes difficult. I was very happy to hear that you're finishing school.
    I'll talk to you again soon,
    Love, Your sister Mary

  4. Hi Mary,
    I'm so glad that you checked my blog. I feel like this is a good way to keep people up to date on my life without imposing myself. They can choose which lines of thought to follow, and can spare themselves the rest if they want.

    I did take your advice tonight. I saran wrapped my arm and taped it. Then, for good measure, put a plastic bag around that and taped it. When I cut the contraption off, the only moisture inside was form my sweat from being wrapped in plastic. Kind of reminded me of the saran wrap scene in the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes".

    Thank you for responding. I'm so proud that you are done with school and working full time. You are starting a whole new way of life in this 53rd year. You will be an awesome nurse. Did I hear you were offered a teaching position? Where did you end up?
    How are Sarah and Joe?
    Give them my love and my blog address if they want to see what's happening.