Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Eye Can Stop Worrying

I set the alarm on my cell phone to wake me up at 7:15am. And again at 7:30am. And again at 7:40am. I finally dragged my butt out of bed and made it to my eye appointment on time. It turns out that it has been 3 years since I'd been there, I thought it had only been a year and a half or so.

Well, he said that my vision is 20/25. He also said that my retinas look "beautiful", no diabetic retinopathy or other retinal changes. He said that I have SDT (I think), which basically means that my eyes are too dry and that that is why I am having blurred vision. He said for me to use lube for my eyes. (Not like KY, like lubricating drops.) He gave me a sample. I've used them once so far, but haven't noticed any difference.

I can't figure out why my eyes are dry, I seem to have no problem tearing up when I'm emotional. One interesting thing that he said is that more women than men have this happen. He said it is a 5:1 ratio. I wonder why that is. He also said that since it seems to be caused by the chemo for me, it should be temporary. He said to come back in if the drops don't help or if it doesn't get better after a month or so.

I haven't seen this particular doctor before. He is quite a character. Deb and I decided that if he ever needs a second job, he could either be an auctioneer or a comedian. He is very professional, but also outgoing and funny. He dictated the report for my doctor into his recorder and he spoke so fast, I almost couldn't understand much of what he said. That is why auctioneer would be a good second job for him. He kind of reminded me of Jim Carey.

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