Monday, October 1, 2007

A Change of Direction

Well, Deb and I haven't made it up north yet. Instead of heading to Cross Village Friday morning, we headed to Hurley Hospital. Deb was doubled over in pain. It started getting really bad on Thursday, and just kept getting worse through the night. She went into the emergency room and after they did a CT scan, they decided to keep her there because she had diverticulitis. So, Deb hasn't eaten solid food since Thursday. They have at least let her have clear liquids since Saturday afternoon. Needless to say, she is sick of chicken broth and jello. We are hoping that they will let her go home tomorrow. She has been getting heavy duty antibiotics through an IV since Friday. She is a much better sport about needles in her arms than I am.

I'm glad that she went in to the hospital here instead of getting to Cross Village, then deciding to go. One doctor said that if she had waited much longer, she would probably have ended up with an abscess in her colon. As it is, they caught it before it reached that point. Inflamed, yes. Painful, yes. Infected, yes. With her immune system, waiting much longer would have been much more serious.

Friday night, I went to a friend's house for dinner and conversation. We had a fire in her chimenea on her back deck. We kept pretending that we were around the fire pit up north, saying "shhhh, do you hear that bear?!!" and "look out, I hear wolves!"

If they spring her tomorrow, we can still go up north for a few days. Keep your toes crossed!

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