Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Parting the Red Sea of History

(Written on October1, 2009)

The other night, someone was telling me a cute story about his very young son and his bible study class. The part that struck me is that he tells his kid that “Jesus parted the Red Sea.” How does that make any sense to anyone? This person believes and teaches his son that Jesus and Moses were both truly historical figures, and that the bible is incontrovertible historical fact. If he truly believes that, how on Earth can he say that Jesus parted the Red Sea? Moses lived a couple thousand years before Jesus, didn’t he?

How could Jesus part the red sea?

This guy said that they say that Jesus parted the Red Sea in order to simplify matters, and that it would be too complicated to explain the distinction to a little kid. Heck, it’s too complicated to explain to me and the trinity shared our dinner table when I was growing up.

Wouldn’t telling your kid that Jesus parted the Red Sea be kind of like telling your kid that Martin Luther King Jr. campaigned for Barak Obama? Or that today’s Republican Tea Baggers started the American Revolution when they protested paying taxes to the American British?

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