Saturday, March 1, 2008

Walk With Me

If you are a regular reader of my blog, I encourage you to occasionally scroll down and check out the side column. I often add links to my links list, and I add new pictures and points of interes now and then. Sometimes, I just update part of that instead of writing a whole new blog entry. That way, you don't need to necessarily experience my rambling thoughts as they enter my head, you can just glance through the shorthand version in a link or a picture.

I updated my subtitle to include a plea for comments. Sometimes, I feel like I am talking to myself in these postings. Usually I am, but I also would like to know that the voices I hear in response are not all just in my head. I hope that this blog can serve as a vehicle for discussion among you all, not just me. I encourage you to read all comments. If you make a comment on the blog, usually I will respond to your specific comment through the comment section on that posting. So, if you think I've been ignoring you, check out the comments again.

NPR did an interesting piece this morning on how community building is happening on the internet. I missed a big chunk of the story, but what I did hear was interesting. I would like those of you reading this to become part of a community of people who share and experience things deeply. Have strong opinions and are not afraid to disagree or to expound on anything I may spout off about. Mostly what I write about is whatever is in the forefront of my mind at that moment. Maybe not that morning or a few hours later. I am hoping that your voices will help spark inspiration and expansion in my thinking.

Have fun reading and writing and experiencing and sharing life together.

The information about the bill to take action on was provided by a website of an organization called the Organic Consumers Association. You can find more information about that bill and much more by going to their website. They are a brand-new organization to me, and I'm not sure how I got on their e-mail list, but they have some interesting and informative information. there is a link to their website in my links section, or if you are the cut and paste type, here it is: . Hey, looking at that, I may have just put the link here in the body of the text as well. I'm not sure. (This blog stuff is still kind of foreign to me, but I'm having fun doing it.)