Thursday, February 28, 2008

Waste Not

I submitted the following comment to the EPA regarding EPA-HQ-SFUND-2007-0469 They are accepting public comments through March 27, 2008

Why is it so hard to use just plain common sense when dealing with food production issues? Large producers of manure should be required to not just report their waste, but attempt to reduce it, or, better yet, utilize it's powerful positive properties.
Manure production businesses such as cattle and chicken producers have in their possession, some of the best fertilizer available on the planet. Instead of redistributing it to the growers that need it, they are piling it up and allowing it to pollute the water and air of the areas nearby.
Providing incentives to give this resource back to farmers as free fertilizer would help our country reduce its dependence on foreign oil, provide natural alternatives to soil-killing chemical fertilizers, help a wide range of farmers cut costs, thereby cut consumer costs, by reducing the amount of money spent on fertilizers.
Rather than give CAFOs a free pass onb accountability, offer incentives for them to do the right thing. Report, recycle and reuse responsibly the nitrogen-rich natural fertilizer that they are instead using to pollute.