Thursday, January 24, 2008

Turning Toward Hecticity (I know, that isn't a word. It is now)

Hey all, sorry I have been neglectful of passing on information about Deb. She got her staples out on Tuesday. She looks like she has a zipper all the way down the front of her, from several inches above her bellybutton to almost to her privates. Now that's a scar. It matches the one on her hip and her knee, from when she became bionic.

Her pain control was pretty much nonexistant for a while there, but she is doing better now. She just has to monitor how awake her bowels are before deciding on whether or not to take the pain meds.

The dogs are all very happy to have at least one of us home to sleep with at night. (Really, they allow us to use their big king sized bed with them.)

My classes are off to a good start. I'm finding that I want to work on one much more than the other. No surprise there. I also am doing some independent reading for a sociology prof, and will get the credit next semester. Right now, I am reading a book called the Slave Ship. It is awesome!! I'm only 132 pages into it so far, but I am amazed that not only am I learning about history, I'm also learning how the slave trade of way back when still affects how we do things today. I'll give more of a review once I finish it. So far, it's a fascinating read.

I've gotta sign off now because I have to nap before my English class, where I'll get to hear the professor talk to himself about Homer's The Iliad. No, really, he's talking to us, but with the assumption that we haven't figured anything out on our own. The work itself is fascinating and interesting. Class, not so much.

The history of African-American Religion class has me re-thinking my whole view of religion in the United States. I think I have some insights into why we are having so much trouble attracting African-Americans into the Unitarian Universalist faith as well. I'm not sure if I'm ready to share those insights yet. I need to mull them over for a while yet. I did write several pages in my journal about it on the morning of Martin Luther King Jr. day (Monday). That was how I honored him, looking honestly at race relations in the faith community that I love. May even get a sermon out of it yet, if I can figure out a diplomatic way of saying some of what I want to say.