Monday, January 7, 2008

Turning from one to Another


As some of you know, Deb has been dealing with major health issues for the past 13 years or so.
The good news is, that in March, the FDA approved a new way of administering gamma globulin, which is what Deb needs since her own body doesn't produce enough of the right components naturally (IGG). She used to get it intravenously (directly into a vein) once a month, but it made her very sick most of the time, so she had to stop it. Deb started this new way of getting it subcue (under the skin) at home and she seems to be able to tolerate it pretty well as long as she takes Benedryl, Motrin and Alka-Aid oraly right before she sticks the needles into her. Her IGG counts have doubled since starting this treatment a little over two months ago!! Yeah! Her counts still are not in the "normal" range by any means, but at least she isn't as likely to die of a cold.
Because she is responding so well to the Gama globulin, she has been cleard to have surgery on Wednesday, January 9. Deb has been in a lot of pain on and off for the past year because of recurring diverticulitis. (Basically, "pockets" have formed throughout her colon and those pockets sometimes get inflamed and/or infected and bleed.) If this goes untreated, there is a risk that one of the diverticuli could rupture and pollute the rest of her body with feces as it seeps out of that tear.
So, at noon on Wednesday, say a prayer if you will, or send out healing light or just positive thoughts in Deb's direction.
The surgeon will be removing Deb's entire colon and connecting the small intestine directly to the rectum. If all goes well, she will be able to eat snd use the bathroom "normally" (no bag, but frequent use). We plan on it all going well, with your prayers to help in the healing process.
I'm not sure when she'll get home from the hospital, I'll post it here or make a few key phone calls and hope that word gets out when she does get home.