Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Light Around the Corner

Today was my last chemo treatment and tomorrow is my last radiation. Yeah!!!!!!!

Now, I have a few weeks to let the effects of the chemo and radiation wear off before they do surgery. My hysterectamy is scheduled for October 23. I assume the only thing that will change that is if my pre-op testing doesn't go well. I've got an appointment at U of M on October 8 to go over all that stuff and probably do the testing that day as well.

I feel like I can finally see the light at the end of this twisted tunnel that I've been in. The two parts of my treatment that scared me most will be over this week. The surgery is around the corner. I view this journey as halfway over, but the transforming effects on my life have set me in some ways on an unending branch of self reflection, regret and self discovery that I wouldn't otherwise have tread.

One question that I keep getting is "when will you know if the chemo and radiation are working?" The answer is that I'm not sure. I believe that I'll know once the pathology report is in, after my surgery. That is when I should also know for sure if I have cervical cancer or uterine cancer. My gut instinct tells me that I probably have uterine cancer, but that it has not progressed very far and that once all this is done, I'll be done with it.

Hopefully, my instincts are correct (or that I am overreacting and it may be just cervical after all). Usually my instincts are right on. But, being an Aries, my emotions and instincts are usually tempered by my intellect as well. So, I am maintaining hope with an edge of skepticism until I hear the all clear from the medical powers that be.

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