Sunday, September 16, 2007

Almost to the Next Turn in the Road

So, Wednesday, I went to chemo as usual. While getting my liquid boost of juice, I was talking to the head nurse and I told her that I only have a couple more radiation treatments left. She said then that should be my last chemo. Well, I went to the chemo doc on Friday and he said that he wants me to have one more half dose treatment on Tuesday. So, even though my internal radiation is done, I have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for external and Tuesday for chemo. The half dose should not leave me with as bad of a reaction as the full doses do (although, my side effects have been minimal compared to some that I have heard about).

Then, I am done with doctors for two whole weeks. (Although I'm supposed to have a follow-up with my GP about something or other, but I'm thinking why bother until all this blows over. I think it has to do with my blood sugars which have been high due to the chemo and steroids associated with it. I don't really want to find out what my 3 month average has been when for much of that time, I know that it has been artificially inflated because of the chemo. I want to give the effects more time to wear off before I do that test. I don't know, maybe I'll go, but do I really want to find out something else is even more wrong than I thought?) I go back to U of M on October 8 for a pre-surgery consult. I assume they will get more bloodwork, and to the usual pre-surgery stuff on that day. The hysterectamy should be October 23, assuming nothing else goes hinky.

Between my cancer treatments and Deb's health heading even further south, we are at one doctor or another between us, pretty much every day of the weekday these days. So, we are planning on taking a trip up north for a few days (maybe up to a week) just to get away. My last apointment with my chemo doc is on September 28 in the morning. We are hoping to leave right after that. She will take some time off of getting her infusions and we will just go relax, visit family and listen to the wind blow in the changing leaves.

The day of my first ever chemo treatment, I started to get hot flashes. Only generally one or two that day.

This time, I went to chemo, did a few things around the house, got nauseated (threw up a little, not much), ate dinner and then went to the Whiting Center to see a show called "Truth in Translation" about the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission Process in South Africa after Apeirteid was abolished. (This was a very powerful experience for me, I'll write about it tomorrow or the next day since I already took my sleeping pill and I'm starting to fade.) Anyway, I was sitting in Whiting, dripping in sweat. I finally turned to my friend, John, whom I was sitting next to, and I asked him if it is hot or if I'm having a hot flash. He said it must be a hot flash. Well, that was three days ago, and I'm still running outside to cool off in that early fall chill that is happening because my internal thermometer has done gone crazy. I think menepause may have finally hit between the chemo and the last of the internal radiation. Whew.

Sorry I've been remiss on keeping up the blog, I've got a lot written in my head, just not on the computer. I'll try to catch up soon.:)

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