Saturday, January 17, 2009

Having a Ball for the Inaguration

I have good news and not so good news and just plain news.

The good news is, that on Tuesday, WE WILL HAVE AN AWESOME PRESIDENT! To celebrate, anyone who knows us is welcome to come by the house, watch the inaguration on TV, watch replays of the inaguration on TV, watch replays of the inaguration on TV and enjoy some snacky-type food (veggies, fruit, chicken wings and pickles, to start). Kind of like the Superbowl, only better.

The just plain news is that I've decided not to go to the inaguration. My hip is doing weird things and I don't wnat my step-mom to have to deal with my whiney lame butt. Also, the more I think about standing in a large crowd (which sometimes makes me clausterphobic) in the cold (the last couple of days here have been below zero at night) and not close enough to see the action (except on a big screen), I think that enjoying the festivities eating pickles and popcorn sounds good as well. The main thing is, WE WILL HAVE AN AWESOME PRESIDENT ON TUESDAY!!!!!

More just news: We are running out of miles on the lease for the truck, so we are shopping for another one.

More just news: Friday I had a CT scan and chest xray, not for anything serious, just a follow up to all the cancer stuff. I love berium, steroids and benedryl. Yum.

The not so good news (other than the aformentioned hinkey hip) is that yet again my bloodwork came back high. The last 2 times that happened, it was back down to lower than ever a month later. I'm not going to stress over it at this point, as I've said before-I'm probably one of those people for whom the CA125 is useless as a cancer indicator.

For those of you who plan on dropping by Tuesday, send me or Deb an e-mail or call us just to let us know how many people to plan for. Feel free to bring friends. I don't know what time the inaguration festivities start, but we'll try to have clothes on by at least an hour beforehand. The door will be open until the cows come home that night.

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