Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To Be (back to work) or Not To Be (back to work)

Monday of last week, I had my post-op follow-up appointment with the surgeon at UM. I had a large area to the right of the incision that was extremely painful and hard as a rock. I thought it was just part of the healing process, but evidently, it's not. It looks like I have cellulitis, which is inflammation of the soft tissues. It is caused by bacteria. So, she put me on a heavy duty antibiotic for 10 days and wants to see me again on the 17th. Deb says if it doesn't get better, they may want to drain it. Yuck, Ouch.

Because of this painful complication, the Dr. wouldn't sign a release to return to work, nor would she extend my leave. My original paperwork states that the 17th is my last day of leave. She is leaving me no room or time to deal with bureaucracy. I'm not even sure if I should start turning my sleep back around to being awake at night. If I go ahead and flip now, then don't get back to work, it will mess me up. If I wait and see what she says, I won't have any time to get my body ready for the upside-down midnight days.

Deb is once again having trouble with severe abdominal pain and bloody stools. Evidently, she is battling diverticulitis once again. She saw her doctor and got heavy duty antibiotics in a needle in the butt, and also orally. She has been on clear liquids since Friday. Today, she met with a surgeon that she has consulted with on this before. He hadn't wanted to operate before because of her compromised immune system. She's been on gamma globulin for about 2 months sub cue (under the skin with a series of small needles each week), so, if her immune system counts are improved enough, he wants to do surgery to remove the sigmoid (lower) colon, since that is where the worst pain seems to keep recurring. The doctor drew her immune counts last week, but we don't know what they are yet.

Sometimes, it seems like when one thing starts to improve with us, something else screws up.